Their busy schedules have loaded them with regular stress and even everyday pressure; this ultimately leads to many health issues such as emotional trauma, harmonic disturbance, protein deprivation, and internal illness. Because of internal disturbances, the body starts showing symptoms, and hair loss is one of them. Hair is a natural jewel to men or women; they adorn naturally, but hair fall is something that results in losing your beauty.  

Undoubtedly, many of us try multiple remedies available on the internet, but do solutions work? Or is it a permanent hair loss treatment? Obviously not. The only option left is Hair Surgery or Hair Transplantation. Then why not to find the best hair loss surgeon in Jaipur. 

Hair Transplantation is the best option to fare the well to your baldness and rejuvenate your beauty again. If you are looking for the top and experienced surgeons in Jaipur for the same, then we recommend “Jaipur SkinCity” is the best option to get your treatment. Jaipur Skin City is the best because it provides the latest and modern Hair Loss Treatment techniques, and there’s no match in quality and prices. 

Understanding Hair Transplantation or Hair Loss Treatments 

Nobody can ever dream of hair fall or losing hair, and if any ever faces the problem of hair loss, it is none less than a nightmare. But with God’s grace, researchers and medical practitioners came out with a modern technique of Hair Transplantation and seriously, it is the bliss of many. 

Hair Transplantation is something a natural motivation that builds up the lost confidence and helps as bliss in the rejuvenating life of people. The dark flamboyant hairs showcase the natural beauty that a person wears; if the tresses lost then, the vibrant beauty is gone.

 But, now you don’t have to worry much- the super experienced Dr Sachin Sharda of Jaipur SkinCity is here for your Hair Loss Treatment in Jaipur. So, stop trying experimental remedies on hair loss and visit Jaipur Skincity for a permanent Hair Loss Treatment and get rid of all your hair problems. 

For your satisfaction, let me tell you that Hair Loss Treatment propagates natural & trustworthy results as compared to artificial wigs or tresses or using harmful hair growing medicines. Let’s check out some of the hair loss treatments. 

Procedure for Hair Loss Treatment (Hair Transplant)

The procedure of Hair Transplant starts from picking out follicles from the donor area of your head, especially from the backside, and the same take out strands or follicles are implanted in the bald area that is in the front. For this, there’s a significant reason for the selected contributed area as the backside of the head because the back area has permanent follicles (though hormonal-sensitive).

 At the same time, the frontal area is a recipient area or losses hairs quickly because it has temporary follicles that get affected by growing age too. 

FUE & FUT Hair Loss Treatment 

There are commonly known two ways of hair loss treatment surgery- FUE & FUT. The volume of hair basically distinguishes the primary difference in both the treatments. Taking out follicles from a contributor or the donor area and implanting the same on the recipient area, this newer technique is called FUE, while the older technology of Hair Loss treatment is called FUT. Let’s understand it in detail. 

Follicular Unit ExtractionFollicular Unit Transplantation (Strip Method)
Newer Hair Loss TechniqueOlder Hair Loss Treatment
The only a single follicle is usedA stip consists of many follicles are implanted in the bald area
StitchlessStitches scar is visible leaving a bald scalp 
Only quality hair are takenAll hair in the strip are taken (both good or bad) leading to more loss of hair from the contributed area
A natural look is maintainedBackside never remains natural as before

So now that you have learned the concept of Hair Transplantation, let’s know about the best and permanent Hair Loss Treatment Surgeon in Jaipur. 

‘Jaipur SkinCity’- the best hub for Hair Loss Treatment

Jaipur SkinCity is the best destination for a permanent hair loss treatment in Jaipur. The founder of ‘Jaipur SkinCity’- Dr Sachin Sharda is the best surgeon known for its 3,000 successful surgeries over 13 years of awe-inspiring experience with the help of assistance Dr Dimple Kothari. All over India, Jaipur SkinCity is nominated as the Best Hair Transplant destination. 

Jaipur SkinCity is recommended for its foreign techniques used for hair transplantation treatment, which has given the best painless experience of artificial surgery of Hair Loss Treatment. The best and experienced doctors of the clinic work with dedication and pious aim to serve the society with the worth having abilities. Doctor Sachin Sharda owns an MD degree from SMS Medical College, Jaipur and giving its 100% on introducing new techniques for Hair Transplant such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Although the FUE treatment, but is a bit costly than compared to the older technique of FUT. Jaipur Skincity never comprises its quality by giving you affordable services.   

Hair Loss Treatment Cost depends on the required follicles for your baldness; If you want to know more about the treatment, then, you can visit our centre or contact Jaipur Skincity. 

Hair Loss Treatments by Jaipur SkinCity

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy for hair loss is a standard treatment for Hair loss considered by top surgeons all over the world. PRP Hair Loss Treatment is a three-step medical treatment in which the patient’s blood containing Platelet-Rich Plasma is taken out, processed, and then injected to a bald area of the scalp. This is one of the earlier methods used since the 1980s. The PRP Hair Loss Treatment contains all ‘Bioactive Proteins’ that adds to the growth of hairs and work actively to stimulate hair growth. Doctors use two ways to follow PRP treatment; one is by injecting or applying directly on the scalp. 

Low-Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Treatment

Also known as LLLT Hair Loss Treatment is approved by FDA and used by cosmetic surgeons around the world. This successful treatment helps hair to rejuvenate and flaunts like original tresses. Low-Level-Laser Therapy uses pain-free light technology that helps to stimulate hair follicles and hence scientifically induce re-growth of dark hairs. This hair loss treatment in Jaipur is clinically proven that not only cause re-growth of hairs but also helps to improve the volume of hairs and even the Hair Mass Index. 

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Treatment

This therapy is a cosmetic procedure inducing re-growth of hairs on the bald area. Mesotherapy is one of the known natural techniques for hair loss treatment. The procedure of Mesotherapy is followed by cleaning of the scalp and later on to implant the small doses of natural plant extracts, vitamins, or types of medicines such as Finasteride or minoxidil, etc. 

The medicines used for the Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment includes Vasodilators and Vitamin Activators that help to improve harmonic balances and encourage distal circulation in and around the follicles to re-growth of hair. 


If you are one among many who are facing hair loss problems and finding the best and permanent hair loss treatment, then Jaipur SkinCity is the best destination for your never resolving issue. As mentioned above, hair transplant is a surgical treatment for regrowing hairs on your bald scalp, and the best doctor treating hair loss is Dr Sachin Sharda in Jaipur. So, now that you have known the best and permanent hair loss treatment in Jaipur at the most affordable prices without compromising the quality make sure to visit the website and make an appointment.

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