IFMC Institute, India’s leader in stock market education UDTS©  course is the best intraday trading strategy that no technical analyst can challenge in this world. UDTS© stands for Uni-Directional Trade Strategies which comprise of a bunch of 9 intraday trading strategies. These strategies are based on basic technical analysis. 

UDTS© is the copyright content of IFMC Institute. It provides a strong foundation to make trading calls without depending on anyone. The course is a savior for traders and investors which not only shows the right trend but also accurately predicts the right entry and exit points for trades. UDTS works in all markets viz Equities, commodity, currency, and derivatives. UDTS strategy of IFMC is a boon for traders as it gives an easy way to see and foresee the markets. It is an excellent course on day trading for beginners.

Over the years, UDTS got more than 9 million views on its YouTube Channel. IFMC Channel has been recognized with the Silver Creator Award (Silver Button) from YouTube for astonishing 1,00,000 Subscribers. UDTS is the most innovative technique of trading in the world. It has got a 5-star Review and Rating from students. 

UDTS is one of the best online stock market courses. UDTS is a systematic mechanism to profit maximization and risk management. The course is divided into three parts that are:

  • Basics: Focus on understanding the basics of the share market
  • Analytics: Tricks to analyze stock market behavior and trends and 9 parameters to find market view.
  • Application: Practical examples of the application of tools and parameters to find profitable stocks.


  • It is the world’s most simplistic trading strategy for intraday traders, positional traders, day traders
  • It is a cumbersome tool for traders
  • It is applicable at all times of the market like capital, equity, commodity, currency, Gold, etc
  • It teaches emotionless trading
  • It gives a high probability of accuracy

IFMC Institute also offers programs for investors and traders who want to make a career in the stock market. They prepare students for the NCFM and NISM certification exam which is mandated by the Indian Stock Exchange to get a job in India.

About IFMC Institute

IFMC Institute is the best and biggest name in the stock market education industry. The institute is ISO certified for its international standard of training, edification, counseling, and placement assistance in the finance market sector. IFMC is two times awarded with the Delhi City Icon Award from Radio 91.1 FM for “Excellence in Financial Market Education”. IFMC is committed to empowering the common man with trading knowledge. 

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IFMC Institute
IFMC Institute is a premier stock market training institution in India offering a range of courses for beginners to professionals, both online and in classroom settings. Renowned for its practical training in live markets, IFMC is the originator of unique trading strategies such as UDTS© and MADE©. Our comprehensive services include job-oriented courses, investor and trader courses, NSE/NISM modules, advanced level courses, along with supplementary resources like mock tests, learning screeners and admission services.